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Askia Finds Favor In Jovi’s Achieve

Askia Finds Favor In Jovi’s Achieve

Jovi finally appreciates a female rapper in the open as he says he recognizes her as a rapper amongst the other chicks.

Askia as any other person feels super awesome as she went on calling him “Daddy” on her Facebook account waw of course who wouldn’t after the praises? I guess not you so I thought.

Askia flaunts Jovi’s tweet:

Now some of Askia’s fans argue that Jovi only did this because he has issues with Tilla the godmother can’t tell how true this is but hoping to dig into this to bring possible answers to you.

Reply from a fan on Askia’s Facebook account after she flaunted Jovi’s praises towards her.

Are you guys thinking what I am thinking? I see a Collaboration between Beard gang and Jovi perhaps in season 5 like his tweet shows a lot of interest in their work so far.

This guy sure has a thing for Askia but conclusions can’t be made right now so let me leave you to his last tweet on her.

More findings in the days ahead. Do you smell a collaboration between these two?

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