Nonalcoholic orange slush punch

What do you need as ingredients?

· 1 packet of orange-flavored

· 1 packet of cherry flavored

· 2 cups of sugar

· 5 cups of boiling water

· 8 cups of orange juice

· 3 liters of ginger ale


  • Get a large clean punch bowl. Pour in the sugar, orange, and cherry Jello and stir. Add the cups of boiling water, whisk thoroughly until gelatin and sugar are well dissolved.
  • Add orange juice and stir.
  • Transfer the mixture into two large freezer-safe containers and freeze overnight.
  • To Serve: Place frozen mixture in a large punch bowl. Use a solid wooden spoon to break up the mixture. Add some ginger ale.

Nonalcoholic orange slush punch

Expert Tips: This recipe also tastes great with other gelatin flavor combinations. Try out: orange-black cherry, orange-lemon, orange-tropical.

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