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Do you think going through a hard time is anything easy to deal with? So why then act like you have never been through it?

It’s obvious we’ve all been through hard times in one way or the other. It might have been due to the loss of someone really close, a heartbreak in a relationship or a financial breakdown.

Though many say hard times call for hard measures, you have to be smart about how you handle and go through it all.

The way you go about such a period goes a long way to determine your survival through whatever situation you are going through.

Have you seen people commit suicide due to hard times? What of all those who have suffered depression due to it? Not forgetting the ones who have gone astray due to hard times still.

It’s funny how we’ve all gone through difficult times and yet people act like their life has been so perfect and easy-going.

Of what use is it to add salt to injury? What does it cause you to be nice to a person going through hard times? I believe nothing. You don’t need to ridicule someone who already has a hard time to deal with.

Tell me wouldn’t it do you some good if you could help others achieve inner peace and happiness?

If you look around keenly, you will notice a lot of people go through just so much but are scared to express and share due to how you will treat their situation.

Why do we do this to people who need us to stand in for them and treat them right even if it’s just for once? What happened to all the kind words and actions?

There are a few things you can do to help someone going through a hard time to go through it easily. Let’s look at those things.

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1. You could start by telling them; God never gives you a burden he hasn’t equipped you for.

Believe it or not, most people just need to hear this to reassure them that they actually can pull through the situation they are facing. I know you forget to realize that the support you give others during their trial periods goes a long way to put some happiness in them.

As a matter of fact, there is actually no situation we will go through which we haven’t been prepared for already. It’s normal to forget this when we are in a terrible situation because we have been overtaken by the issue and the only question we keep asking ourselves is GOD Why?.

In every situation you find others going through, you have to make them understand they are strong and despite what it seems, they are already prepared for what they are going through.

It is up to you to make them regain that confidence again.

2. Tell them, you will be ok.

Yes, some difficult situations make people totally forget that life is nothing without challenges. To be human is to face challenges and facing these challenges is what prepares you for more ahead.

Once most people are going through a hard time, what eats them up most is this deadly question and doubt if they will ever pull through.

People need to understand this stage is just a challenge and not a dead warrant: yes you aren’t even in a suicide mission. You need to cheer up those going through a hard time and let them know it’s but a trial and they will be ok.

Remember, being ok is not an option but an obligation it’s only when we are ok that we have our reasoning faculty help us pick possible solutions to our problems.

3. Help them keep calm.


It’s always very difficult to see people calm during a hard time. I tell you what, you can hardly put yourself together when you are going through the unexpected.

Remember you never ask for hard times so how then do you prepare your mind to be calm when an unexpected hard time shows up with no alert?

Keeping calm in every situation goes a long way to give you clear thinking and calm spirit. Do you think you can ever come up with the right solutions to your problems if you can’t think straight?

Well, it will be good if you can help to keep this person calm in every possible way. Say nice things to them and also remind them of something that will make them laugh.

Avoid saying anything that acts as a reminder or has a link to the situation at hand. Also, avoid sharing any positive vibes about yourself at this point. Remember you are here to calm down situations not make them worse.

4. Share other people’s experiences and yours if any on how you or someone overcame a hard time.

Did you know many people get inspired and are pushed to make certain decisions and do certain things because of the story of others?

Sharing a few experiences of yours or telling them what happened to someone else in the past and how they overcame it goes a long way to rebuild some confidence in them. This makes them realize if others could pull through even tougher situations in the past and are ok now, they too can do the same.

I’ve been in a situation that I pulled through and had to redress my steps because I watched some documentary on the challenges some influential people had to go through in the past and looking at them, it was evident that I could pull through too.


So I know the wonders of sharing experiences: it steps forward to help those experiencing a hard time to feel better and regain confidence. They get to understand that they are totally in control of the entire situation.

5. Take them out.

Have you ever known taking someone who is going through a hard time on an outing is an efficient way to make them feel better?

Really I can’t tell you it’s going to be easy because honestly, it can never be easy to convince someone going through pains to step out. At this point, all they think they need is to sit back in one place and just mourn.

It’s now in your place to help convince them by giving them the advantages of stepping out and doing something different or getting distracted by other things even if it’s just for a while.

Make them understand stepping out is going to be of great advantage and can help you both come up with some possible ideas and solutions.

Like I earlier said, it’s not going to be easy but just do what you can to make them see reasons with you and step out.

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Let’s all put helping hands together to save someone from going through all the pains that come with hard times. You know what? You are capable of helping others cross terrible moments easily. Kindly do it while you can and I bet you, that person shall forever be thankful to you and you shall be happy for helping someone find a way out of a terrible situation.

These are my tips on the nice things to do and say to make a person going through a hard time feel better. I hope they serve the purpose of their content.

What other tips have you which I left out?

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