5 Most Important Things In A Relationship

5 Most Important Things In A Relationship

5 Most Important Things In A Relationship

A relationship is that bond between two individuals triggered by Love with intentions to build either a family, have kids, or make each other happy, comfortable and safe.

It must be noted that not every relationship is headed towards these goals while others are headed towards marriage, others just want a child or children and some just want to be together without any third party.

They’re relationships that will last an iternity while others will last for years, others for months, for weeks and so on.

There are some important things you need to know about every relationship. This is why I want you to read through these 5 Most Important Things In A Relationship.

5 Most Important Things In A Relationship

1). No relationship is a bed of roses: Most at times, most people get it wrong you simply just think you can get into a relationship and it’s going to be smooth all through.

you see another’s relationship all looking like gold and you think yours should be like that immediately you fail to understand the energy put into it. You just want a perfect relationship this is funny because there is work to be done.

You need to be willing to walk through hell and make sure you always keep that relationship in place as you’ve always wished for it to be.

It’s not by comparing your relationship to others that will make it work. It’s not by constantly reminding your partner of their negative sides that will make it work neither is it by nagging.

You must have the mindset of it’s good today but tomorrow it might not be. So that your relationship can be that zone you will look at and smile.

Believe it or not, there’s no perfect relationship. Non is a bed of roses but the partners in it make sure they can handle it when it goes wrong and still smile with each other. That’s how far you should be willing to go to make your relationship worth it.

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2). Communication and Comprehension: Ever asked yourself why many relationships fail at an early age? How do you stay inline with someone when you both can’t or don’t communicate rightly?

So many relationships die young because of a lack of communication. How can something work without you stating and correcting what goes wrong?

It is very important for everybody’s relationship to be built on communication. You can’t move blindly and expect results. If you do not read you won’t pass an examination so why do you feel that your relationship will be smooth if you don’t communicate with your partner?

You are mad at your partner you don’t tell them and you say to yourself “ my actions will make him understand I am mad at him” are you serious? Are you for real? You might get angry because of something your partner did which they do not even recognize it’s a big deal.

Many relationships have seen their end because of this silent action of a thing. You are in the right position to tell your partner what makes you mad once they do offend you. This is to make your partner know what to avoid towards you because you can never say you know a person you keep learning each day about that person.

You expect something from your partner, you don’t tell them rather you sit back and wait for the magic to be done. In the end, you are angry because they failed by not doing things the way you expected. Come on, you’re partner is no magician.

Most at times, what you expect from your partner is what they doubt if you will appreciate. It’s always good to communicate more rather than expect magic because it won’t come that easily.


Always communicate with your partner in everything it will go a long way to building a healthy relationship.

Now, if there is communication without comprehension, it will be a waste of time you can talk to a person but of what use will it be if that person doesn’t understand?

There is no way communication will be smooth without understanding. So just always make sure that your partner understands so that communication can be complete. In the same light, it is very important for you to understand your partner and vice versa. any relationship without communication and understanding is a blind man’s trip.

3.) Love: You aren’t the only one who hasn’t heard that most relationships now are not genuine no more.

A lot is happening in the world now and many don’t get into relationships with genuine intentions like was the case before. If you listen to the stories of many and their reasons for being in a relationship, you will understand what I am talking about.

Just so many funny and personal reasons why a person will decide to get involved in a relationship nowadays.

If you do not get into a relationship for the sake of Love, I tell you boldly you can’t stay in that relationship happily once the motives for which you got into it expire.

You know so well that only Love conquers all things in every relationship. Do you think if you go into a relationship because of money you will still want to be there when there is no money? OR you think if you get into a relationship because of looks you still going to be in it once that look fades away?

Once Love is absent or not the base of your relationship, it’s not a relationship but rather lost is. Building a relationship on the basis of Love is the best you can offer your cute self.

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Don’t be blinded by the glitter you see for there’s more to that which the eyes can’t see.

4). Trust and Compassion towards your partner: What is a relationship without trust? If you can’t trust a person then that relationship is as good as broken. Once you start doubting what your partner is up to or doubting their moves, that is no longer a safe place to be in.

You can’t even be happy with someone you barely trust because every action and move of theirs is suspicious. How then do you stay in this when Peace is far from you? Any relationship without trust is as good as broken.

Being compassionate towards your partner is so vital in every relationship. If you can’t feel your Partner’s pain and help them go through it then you need to work on that.

5.) Do not take relationship problems to third parties: Do you know you can better handle your relationship issues yourself than third parties? Stop trying to let everyone into your privacy. You are the one in that relationship and only you know what you are going through and what your relationship is all about.

So taking your relationship problems to third parties is at times the cause of a fall in a relationship try always not to take your relationship issues to third parties but if you must do that, then it should be to a counselor or therapist in cases which are almost out of hand and above you to handle.

Those are the 5 Most Important Things In A Relationship you must ensure are present in your relationship. Hope you learn from it and kindly add what I might have left out in the comment section.

5 Most Important Things In A Relationship

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