17 year old girl sets boyfriend on fire hours after having sex with him.

17 year old girl sets boyfriend on fire hours after having sex with him.

Elvis Achidinma Omah was dating a 17 year old girl in Benue state, Nigeria. They love birds started dating when the girl was only 15 and he was her first love

The two promised to end up together as the moved along. But the love started to fate when the girl heard her lover has gotten married to another girl in the village, an allegation the boy denied

According to statement from the girl, Omah has been maltreating her. She has been pregnant for him three times and he forced her to abort all of them

She says while pregnant, Omah will bring other girls in the house and ask her to sleep on the floor in their one bed room house .

She will do that for love and hope that Omah will eventually change

But as time goes on, Omah became even more violent, beating her over every disagreement and getting more women home.

The girl reportedly left the relationship and focused on her JAMB after years of abuse.

Elvis went begging and begging and on Tuesday 12th January 2021, the girl accepted to visit him.

She bought petrol and gas lighter while coming, hide it somewhere and entered the house

She told police they cooked and ate that night, had sex before she wake up early when Omah was still sleeping and set the entire room on fire while the doors were closed.


Before neighbors could come and intervene, Omah has suffered 2nd decree burns and died in a nearby hospital in Capital of Benue state while the girl ran to a nearby church

The fire which silenced the flame of love

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